Kate Adams
Naomi Aristone
Kelsey Barratt
Sophia Bartasius
Kendall Borbi
Isabella Carle
Sadie Carpenter
Madison Cattani
Melanie Craig
Camryn Epstein
Chelsea Evans
Sofia Fedeli
Gianna Fifis
Olivia Forchic
Julia Gibson
Marissa Luca
Mia Robbins
Jane Trauger
Juliet Walls
Bria Williams

Jamie Goldberg
Emily Hazel
Riley Heck
Ava Leporati
Hailey Smith


Devon Baraldi
Kylie Benoit
Kathryn Brooks
Amelia Canzano
Gabby Carcione
Sarah Claybrooks
Elizabeth Ellis
Sarah Evans
Abigail Fleischmann
Sophia Fleischmann
Alexis Guerrieri
Blair Lanzidelle
Sydney Lyons
Molly McDonnell
Reily McGough
Delanie Morris
Samantha Salvatore
Erin St. John
Elle Trzaskawka
Maya Zullo

All players must have a current US Lacrosse membership. 

Refunds due to injuries can only be considered with a doctor's note received.  Refunds for injuries will only be considered when the injury keeps the player out of the summer or fall tournament season.  Making the choice not to commit to a season is not under consideration for a refund.

Deposits are nonrefundable.

2024 Developmental
​​Ashley Brown
Lucy Cheatham
Maeve DiMArino
Casey Downs
Isabella Foell
Ellie Grpe
Reese Holcomb
Anna Hunter
Abigail Leporati
Audrey Lewis
Gabriella Mina
Kayla Niederberger
Ava Reganato
Kyla Stasium
Lena Stolarick
Nicole Tellechea
Reece Volovich

Olivia Bergenholtz
Avery Brumfield
Abby Catalano
Amelia Cradler
Kali Clayton
Lydia Colasante
Elizabeth DeMichele
Riley Dundee
Chloe Dunleavy
Kylie Duboraw
Sophia Filipowski
Emma Gioffre
Adi Goldfrad
Ava Keenan
Abigail Kulinski
Audrey Mahoney
Katherine McConnel
Juliet Morze
Madison Pinto
Ava Svinland

*See Developmental

Brylee Barry
Juliano Beirao
Gianna Booker
Mackenzie Borbi
Grace Carnival
Abby Davidson
Cydney Greenberg
Casey Hennigan
Anna Marquardt
Karina Nubia Mayer
Rylie Morris
Addison Petti
Lily Purfield
Sawyer Rowland
Ava Tucci

Atlee Vanesko
Tatum Woods

Sydney Clark
Elizabeth Cutbush
Natalie Kalick

Lia Anderson
Wynne Ay
Sadie Boecklen
Ryann Borden
Lauren Ferrara
Blakely Furno
Natalie Haraschak
Olivia Haraschak
Lily Joy
Vanessa LaRosa
Olivia Mack-Allen
Shayna Niederberger
Ella Perry
Finnley Ritter
Zariah Rivera
Maisy Ryan
Abby Sallade
Avery Sinnes
Corinne Tucci



We are excited to announce that the All American Aim Family is growing this 2018-2019 season with the addition of our developmental teams.  This is a new venture for us with the goal to be able to provide a high level of specificity to individual skills, team concepts, and overall lacrosse IQ.  There will be an increased focus on training and education to be able to assist these players in getting to the next level of their lacrosse game. Our developmental teams will be a high priority to our organization and provide your daughters with the support and coaching that they need to elevate their potential. This is not in anyway just another team to us, we value the growth of each and every player in our club and in South Jersey.  The AIM for us is to be able to take players with potential and help them to grow and be able to reach their goals in the game they love. The layout will include 1 tournament in the 2018 Fall Season and 2 tournaments in the 2019 Summer Season with a heavy focus on training and practice for development. Instead of having alternates for our 2024 and 2023 travel teams, our developmental players will have the opportunity to be considered throughout the year to fill any open positions. Our developmental program is perfect for multisport athletes who are looking to increase their lacrosse skill and IQ. We are so focused on providing a quality experience that we have created a separate contact just for this team.  Melissa Kirkpatrick will be heading the developmental program, and be available for any questions(email allamericanaiminfo@gmail.com) or concerns along the way. We are looking forward to you joining us on this journey as we SHOOT LOW AND AIM HIGH!

​​Chloe Adams
Elizabeth Bayer
Allie Beckendorf
Gabby Bradfield
Madison Browlee
Ava Carpenter
Annie Cimochowski
Benna Clark
Grace Clark
Madeline Dubler
Megan Evans
Maddie Goulburn
Lauren Hamblin
Marlina Kadar
Mckenna Kyler
Camryn Pino
Mia Pinto
Rhyse Redding
Morrison Reeve
Madelynn Schwartz
Frankie Sorino

Shoot Low, Aim High, Dream Big!

​Brooke Alessandrini
Mia Ambrosino
Davis Anderson
Brooke Brown
Bella Calvanese
Jordyn Chezem
Caroline Cristella
Abigail Cutter
Avery Dunbar
Chloe Gwaku
Alexandra Gwaku
Brooke Halfpenny
Charlotte Kent
Georgia Keubler
Sydney Kowalczyk
Chelsea Lim
Kate Matthiessen
Maeve McGlynn
Harper Perry
Riley Sharpley
Stella Stolarick
Olivia White

*See Developmental

Click here to accept your roster spot! 

If you are not accepting your position, email allamericanaiminfo@gmail.com to be removed from the roster. 

Ava Bartasius
Regan Bednar
Jenna Casole
Julie Ann Cassidy
Caitlin Cowdin
Sarah Davidson
Olivia Eilbacher
Grace Gilmore
Antonia Gismondi
Isabella Gismondi
Sophia Graffeo
Kaitlyn Henry
Alexandra Kulinski
Catherine McGlynn
Mekelsey Montgomery
Madelyn Orefice
Carney Pettine
Hailey Russo
Maria Spiotto

Molly Green
Mary Kate Murschell
Natalie Roesch
Ava Taylor
Anne Traczyk